Why Starting A Dog Boarding Facility Is A Great Business Idea


The fact that over 70% of households own at least one pet, starting a dog boarding facility always looks like a profitable and viable business investment. As much as it may seem like an easy job to handle, taking care of people’s pets can be demanding given that these pets are part of the family who want them to receive the best care. As a result, before you go ahead and open a pet store, you must gain experience, either from working or volunteering at one. This is the only way to know whether you are ready to open your own facility.

Getting Started

This is not a complex investment as it does not require many legal formalities and other requirements. However, starting any successful business venture requires extensive research, planning, and preparation before putting anything into action. You will have to decide the type of dogs you will be offering accommodation, the nature and variety of services, cost of services and the marketing strategies to put in place to sell your business.

Apart from the general business permit starting a dog boarding requires compliance with other regulations that govern animal rights. They include federal regulations and state and local regulations that look after animal welfare.

Ready Market

Business professionals and families are always looking for a dog boarding facility to leave their dogs when they go to work, travel for business matters and when going for vacations. Most people don’t prefer leaving their precious pets with neighbors or friends as they might not understand proper pet care. Throughout the year, there is no one time when business will not be doing well as our pets need to be taken care of round the clock.

In a country that the state requires everyone to take good care of their pets, dog boarding facilities will always have a good return on investment. Provided you offer quality services, with love and care, you will always have clients.

Business Considerations

When it comes to starting a business venture, you have to choose between starting your own brand or franchising. The case is not any different when it comes to opening a dog boarding centre; you either purchase an existing facility or build your own. If you have a good brand in mind, it is a great option since franchising requires little marketing efforts. On the other hand starting your own business has its advantages too, much like the idea LV Dog Resort had in opening long term dog boarding in Las Vegas (you can visit them at lvdoghotel.com/las-vegas-dog-boarding)

All the same, any decision you make will yield positive results as a dog care facility is not such a complicated business venture. Both options have their own legal and financial benefits and setbacks.

The Cons

Just like any other business venture, starting a pet care facility has its own personal and financial disadvantages. First, growth will be gradual but steady. You must start small and bear with the struggles of trying to break even at the beginning after investing the high initial capital. Getting clients will not be easy as people are very sensitive and particular about how they want their dogs handled.

Earning people’s trust does not come easily in this market and you will have to prove your worth. Apart from that, which of course is a common hurdle in any kind of business, starting a dog boarding facility is a great investment opportunity with good rewards.