What You Need To Start A Wedding Planner Business

start a wedding planning business

Would you like to start a wedding planner business? This is something that pays off no matter when you get into it, since people get married all over the world every day of the year. Below are some things you can use to your advantage when starting.


Create a plan of attack when it comes to your first few weddings. You don’t want to just sit there and wait for someone to ask you about doing a wedding for them, you want to get out there and make yourself known quickly. Marketing is the way to do this, you just need to figure out how to market online and business should follow. One good thing for beginners to do is get a social media account and make a profile page there. Find your family and friends there, and have them share a status you post about a discount for new clients to get the ball rolling.

Keep Track of Expenses

You are going to have to pay taxes on your income when you are self employed, and you can also take out expenses and get reimbursed for them. Take note of everything you have had to have in place to keep your business running. You need a computer, so make sure that’s an expense you write off, along with your Internet service each month if you mostly use the connection to do business on. Find a tax expert you can trust to help you with your business if you don’t have the time or patience to deal with it.

Hiring Employees

Never employ anyone that you don’t do a thorough background check on. You do not want someone that is going to be a troublemaker ruining what little business you have at the start. Even if you have a family member that you feel you can trust, if their background includes things like a felony for theft, they may not be a good person to let handle anything that has to do with money. If you find any employees have been doing a bad job, even if they’re good people you have to let them go so you don’t lose money.

Get a Website

Build a website that allows for people to see what you offer like Forever True International Wedding Designs – a Vancouver wedding coordinator business website – has with great images and interesting content. Have a look at their website at http://forevertruewd.com/vancouver-wedding-planning to get inspiration for yours. You can also put a price list up, but if you aren’t going to be able to update your website often you may want to tell visitors to contact you for the pricing. If you offer a lot of options, make sure your website explains each one in detail and why it costs what it does. The better you are at describing what people are going to get, people are more likely to turn from potential to paying customers.

Having the ability to start a business as a wedding planner can be very profitable. It just takes a lot of dedication so it can turn out as planned. By building a solid foundation through using what you went through here you will be very happy with how it turns out for you.